Protect Your Computer or Device

Protect Your Workstation

Log out of your workstation when you leave

Even if you only leave for a few moments, having a secure and hard to guess password is useless if a hacker can access your account because it is unattended. See the Campus Help Desk Lock Down webpage for instructions.

Set your computer to sleep mode with password protect

Sleep mode saves energy, and password protect will prevent hackers from accessing your account while you are away. To use password protected energy saving settings on your computer, set the screen saver time to be the same as the monitor turning off.

Use a password-protected screen saver

You can choose the period of time lapse before your screen saver starts. Five minutes is a good choice. See the Campus Help Desk Lock Down webpage for instructions.

Prevent Data Loss & Infection

Back up your data

If you have important files stored on your computer, copy them onto a removable disc, and store them in a safe place.

Stay current on software patches & updates

Hackers create worms and viruses to exploit unpatched systems. Most software vendors, including Microsoft and Apple, offer updates to correct program flaws that malicious programs use to attack your computer. Configure your computer to automatically seek out updates. See the Campus Help Desk website for details.