Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES)

Steps for Receiving Secure Emails

Before business associates, partners, patients, or other third-parties can open a secure email you send, they will need to follow these steps to set up a CRES account.

New User Notification

When you first receive an encrypted email from someone using the CRES, you will be asked to register through Cisco. Secure emails come from the following address: CRES Do Not Reply ( 




New User Registration

Complete the online form.



Activate Your Account

After you have registered, you will be asked to "activate" your account. Select the link to activate.

Check your in-box; you should have received a message:

The message you received will ask you to activate your account.


Email Address Confirmed

You will then be given a confirmation that your account has been activated.



Open the Secure Email

You will now be able to open the secure email. You will be asked for your password, which you set up during the registration process.


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